Project Cargo

ANGORA SHIPPING CO. INC. has specialized in the carriage of Project Cargoes, Heavy lifts and over-sized cargoes worldwide ocean transportations basis fast and safe delivery.

Our Core activities ;

– Project and heavy lift cargoes
– Construction Materials & Equipments
– Power plant, Energy equipment and Power generators
– Industrial equipment
– Oil industry equipment
– Wind mills and parts
– Yachts & Boats & Barges
– Off-shore/underwater projects
– Rig and drill equipment
– Dismounted crane and parts
– Pipe lines & tubes

Projects & Heavy Lifts projects are managed by a team which handle client’s specific requirements and also:

performing feasibility and transport engineering studies for projects & heavy-lifts, over-dimensional and/or critical issues of the project;
performing route surveys to ensure the best concepts for the projects & heavy lifts as they relate to cost, performance and safety implementation;
performing risks evaluation to ensure that all factors are considered and potential risks are clear identified;
developing and presentation a drawing chart showing steps and workflow;
supervising all operations during project development;
performing review and checking all operations and taking corrective actions if necessary;
issuing a project survey report to customer identifying there all operations performed.